Welcome to School of PDE

The School of Professional Development and Education (PDE) offers training opportunities in educational and social development for the improvement of local communities.

 By providing direct access to further education (FE) and higher education (HE) our School cannot only assist in unlocking the potential of individuals and companies, but are also able to assist in accessing funding opportunities currently available.

The groups we support include not only professional institutions, but also those who find themselves financially marginalised.

Social cohesion, enhancing livelihoods and implementing long-term benefits for growth are all derivatives of education and continued development, and as such, underpin the foundations on which our School is formed.

The School of Professional Development and Education (PDE) is a private adult education institute which is registered and part of the UK Learner Providers and all of our Initial Teacher Training Qualifications are registered by City & Guilds.

Mission & Vision

The school has, at its core, a mission to offer an effective platform in which to lead in the development and promotion of individuals

These guiding principles form the basis of our ethos, and as such, we strive to help individuals, communities and companies reach their full potential through progressive education and training. 
At the School of Professional Development and Education we celebrate and value the diversity brought to us by individuals, and as such, we are fully committed to meeting the needs of a diverse learner population within a multi-cultural society.  Accordingly, we seek to ensure that individuals, communities and other organisations have equal access to learning opportunities, facilities and resources, and so can play an active role in collective cohesion.